best museums in oman

best museums in oman, oman have many museums which tells all oman’s history.


best museums in oman

  1. bait al-zubair : located at muscat, exhibit collection of zubair family jewels, photos and weapons.
  2. national museum : located at muscat city, which shows all oman heritage over old years
  3. oman children’s museum : located at muscat, it is a children science museum
  4. natural history museum :located at muscat, shows natural history of oman animals and insects
  5. bait al-baranda museum : located at mutrah city, exhibits geological history of oman
  6. bait adam museum : located at muscat city, shows a collection of currency, art, postal records, and books of Omani history
  7. muscat gate museum : located at muscat city, it shows details about oman history from the neolithic times to the now
  8. sultan’s armed forces museum :  located at ruwi area near to muscat city, it have collection of oman military history
  9. oman oil and gas exhibition : located at muscat city,
  10. museum of the land of frankincense : located at salalah


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Best travel quotes

Best travel quotes, only words can describe how much the travelling is so important for everyone and describe the beauty of every place and country to increase the inspiration of everyone with travelling

so travellers used to talking with unique quotes of travel to describe their journey and adventures

 Best travel quotes

here at this blog you can find the best travel quotes

  1. Ibn battuta says ” travelling, it leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller”.
  2. Hans Christian Andersen says ” to travel is to live”.
  3. Seneca says ” travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind”.
  4. Anna Quindlen says ” the life you have led doesn’t need to the only life you have “.
  5. Augustine of Hippo says ” the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”.
  6.  Paul Coelho says ” if you think adventures are dangerous, try routine: It’s Lethal”.
  7. Stephen Covey says ” live your life by a compass not a clock”.
  8. David Mitchell says ” travel far enough, you meet yourself”.
  9.  Mark Jenkins says ” adventure is a path. Real adventure, self-determined, self-motivated, often risky, forces you to have firsthand encounters with the world”.
  10. Marty Rubin says ” travel doesn’t become adventure until you leave yourself behind”.                                                                                                                                           
  11. Anais Nin says ” we travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls”.                                                                                                                                         
  12. Peter Hoeg says ” traveling tends to magnify all human emotions”.
  13. Roy M. Goodman says ” remember that happiness is a way of travel ,not a destination”.
  14. Marcel Proust says ” the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”.
  15. Andre Gide says ” man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore”.

Finally when you decide to travel to middle east you must go and see sultanate oman because it have a unique environment and traditions you can discover and have a magic landscapes ,so you can live a new adventure

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Travel packing list

Travel packing list,when you decide to travel to any place you should to start writing list of your stuff which you will need at your tour to be ready for every problem you face at the trip

Travel packing list


you should asking about the air temperature of the city to know which places you will get and wearing within the trip


camera is so important to take picture for every scene you will see and make lovely memories


sneakers is very useful in safari and camping trips and when you walking long distence


there are a tiny things are very important and useful like tooth brush, book, mobile charger, selfie stick, sunblock, pack bag, bottle of water, snacks, sunglasses, makeup for girls and your medicines if you treating for any disease


the most important thing you should prepare is your passport

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Travel benefits

travel benefits

Travel benefits, travelling change all thoughts about people, when you  travel to a new place you let all your problems and negative energy down and full of creativity and fun

at this article w talking about  all benefits of travelling


Travel benefits

Meet new people

when you travel to new country you meet new people and get a new friends  and learning how to contact with people from different environment and different character


Refresh your mind

travelling helps you to get some relax and get away from your work pressure and hard life also helps you to thinking very well and make a hard decisions.



if you love history, travelling is the best thing for you to enhance your informations about the history of the world and the story of each country and city


Try new things

travelling let you see and trying more things not available in your country like make a safari, camping , hicking and watching your idol singer or sporting team


Make memories

when you travel you can get more lovely pictures and memories with your friends and family you can never forget


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oman traditions

oman traditions, oman is an arabian country at asia , its people are characterized by kindness, simplicity and old arab traditions


oman traditions

  • the original language at oman is Arabic but some cities speaking different languages like Balochi and second language in oman is English
  • The official greeted drink is coffee with cardamom served in small cup
  • the official religion at oman culture and traditions is Al-Islam
  • at omani traditions men wears ankle length as a traditional dress and women wears abaya and hejab
  • the other traditions in oman accessories is curved dagger
  • the dhow is also from the oldest traditions of oman


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oman travel agency

oman travel agency

oman travel agency, Sultanate oman have a very beautiful cities, historical places, landscapes, deserts, seas and forts that most people dont know about it


Oman travel agency

smart travel and tourism the best travel agency in oman make many tours to oman from allover the world to enhance the opportounity  to all people to discover oman and visit all tourist attractions places

Attractions places in oman

historical places

Taqa castle

Al-alam palace

Nakhal fort

Grand sultan qaboos mosque



Wadi tiwi

Wadi shab

Wadi bani khaled



Waheba deserts

Ras Al-had nature reserve

Khasab coast

Shams mountain


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